I randomly stumbled upon this product I designed over a year ago. I had no idea it went into production or what happened to it. But it was a awesome surprise to see it in stores. The full project including research, store visits, ideation, CAD work, and countless meetings with Trojans marketing team took about 2-3 months. Once I handed it off, I haven’t heard any updates with the project, so I assumed it died within the Trojan pipelines, as many new products do, but I guess they were working on the supply chain and other logistics.


I have been in the market for a new camera strap for the past couple weeks. Everything I found was too boring, I wanted something a little more loud. I quickly came to realize that there were no Designer/Streetwear Camera straps. So I purchased the OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH™ Industrial belt in yellow, cut it up and made my own. 

Xfinity XR5 Remote

last week my current cable box randomly stopped working and Xfinity #blessed me with the new cablebox and the voice controlled remote. The new design and all new features of the XR5 remote were greatly improved from the last Xfinity remote I had, and right when I held it for the first time instantly became fascinated by it. Everything from the parting lines to the Finish intrigued me. 
I was curious to see what the next generation of the XR5 would look like. So I set off with that in mind and began the design process. I wanted to encompass multiple services that Xfinity Offers, TV and Phone in the design. 

The whole project took me about 20-25 hours throughout a week


I recently read an article on hypebeast about how 'bootlegs are intrinsic to the evolution of fashion'. The article showcased how both high-end brands and streetwear brands both are being copied and copy other existing designs for their own. This got me thinking how I can parody the ever so famous bape ape logo and relate it to pop culture, Harambe's unfortunate death, so I created this HARAMBape design. 

Yeezy Inspired PokeBalls

I havent played Pokemon since the gameboy color days and recently I started to play Pokemon GO on my iPhone, It is well designed game that gives me reasons to explore new territories in my area. I decided to combine my everlasting Interest of Sneakers with my new found interest of Pokemon GO and create Adidas Yeezy inspired Pokeballs

The project was done in Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot

Total time: 1 hour


Without a doubt, the YEEZY BOOST 350 was one of the most coveted sneakers to release in 2015 and in my opinion it is also one of the best designed silhouettes that year. I was one of the lucky few to be able to get a pair. After having them in my possession for a few months, I decided to use them as inspiration to design a pair socks calling out all the most notable design features.

if i get enough interest in these socks, I will produce a limited run of them.


I have owned a couple other generation of the ipad with that I also bought a few different styluses with the intention of using them to sketch with. I have never really liked the sketching experience, Until Now.
 I find the apple pencil to be really responsive, and the palm recognition works really well. I almost prefer using the ipad Pro to the Wacom Cintiq. 

Overall Design of the Pencil is pretty nice; it feels good in the hand and has a good weight to it, however there are some flaws. I will start out with the obvious flaws, charging the pencil. The Pencil charges in the bottom of the ipad via Lightning port and every time I plug it in I am either scared the port will snap off and break or I will loose the end cap. I am always extra cautious while charging. Another issue is that I found the pencil to be a bit slippery. Although the Gloss finish looks cool, a slight texture might make it less slippery. Since the Pencil is a perfect cylinder I find that it rolls off my desk or workspace quite often. Adding a minor Flat edge or something to help it from rolling would be helpful for me. 

so far i am really enjoying sketching with the ipad, I am excited to see what the future holds


On a whim I decided that I wanted to design and produce self branded pins. So I sought out a proper manufacturer and sent them a SPEC sheet with the final artwork. After a few back and forth emails and samples, i got the final products. I am very happy with how they turned out.

Nike X Minnetonka

I have been wanting a pair of Visvim Shamans for a while now, however the high price tag and even higher resale is what kept stopping me from getting a pair. Over the past couple weeks I came across a few people making customs “inspired” by the Visvim sneaker using Nike soles and Minnetonka uppers.

I thought I would give it a shot. I have never done anything like this before, so I basically had to learn as I went on. The whole project took me about 6 hours of work over a 2 weeks period. I am really happy with the outcome, and Cant wait to see what’s next.

Golf Driver Sketch

Let me start this off with saying that I know very little about the game of golf. I have been seeing some really cool sketches of golf clubs recently and thought Id give it a try. I am still getting used digital sketching thing and i have ways to go #PracticeMakesPerfect 

Flyknit Trainer+ Sketch & Color Concept

Whenever I come across a silhouette I admire, I instantly become inspired. I start to re-imagine the shoe in different ways and color concepts inspired by the things around me and all of my experiences. Since I am a fan of this Silhouette by Nike, I set out to create color way of the shoe inspired by "Streetwear in fall"  


Exotic Wood Straight Razor

While on my normal commute, I stumbled upon an Exotic woodstore, after talking to the owners and getting a small 5x5x0.5 sample of some rare wood - I forgot what kind, I decided to turn the sample into a straight razor for my cousin, since he is a barber.

I made the straight razor out of a single piece of wood that I cut out a groove for the blade, I did not want to sandwich two pieces together because I felt that would ruin the unibody look. I did most of the work with the band saw, sander, and dremel. I finished the piece with polyurethane.

3D printed Ring

I wanted to do something special as a graduation gift for my girlfriend. After giving it some thought I decided to design her a ring. After discretely measuring her finger, I took the Logo that she made for herself and put it into Rhino. After making minor tweaks I had the finished file done. I tried to do test prints with the Makerbot, however the size of the ring and the small details failed every time. Eventually I sent the rings off to be printed with the precious metal options from Shapeways, I couple weeks later I received them in the mail, and they looked better than I could have imagined.